Since 2003, Mohammed Almathil has served in leadership positions including the executive director role of various community centers and national organizations. Mohammed’s track record in organizational development is driven by his passion for leadership and talent development. Almathil is well rounded in both for profit and nonprofit management. He attained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with honors distinction from the City College of New York (CCNY). He also acquired a Master’s degree of science in Human Resource Management and Development with honors distinction from New York University (NYU).

As a leadership and management trainer, Almathil believes that even though effective leaders may move on, their contributions are forever remembered. His mission is to strive to heal organizations just as physicians strive to heal bodies. He is passionate about equipping leaders with best practices, skills, and attitudes necessary to grow themselves and their organizations. He has consulted, coached, and trained managers and leaders in over a 100 organizations that are of different industries, sectors and sizes, and intends to train a 100,000 leaders by 2030.

Almathil has conducted local and national trainings and workshops, which include: Human Resource Development, Human Resource Management, Strategic Planning, Effective Team Building, Youth Director’s Development, Time Management, Events Management, Organizational Development, Public Speaking along with many other workshops. He is also a frequent lecturer at local and National Conferences on topics such as: Emotional Intelligence, Youth Development, Leadership Styles, Science of Change, etc.

Almathil is the founder and president of Mohammed Almathil Consulting, a NY based management consulting company that provides services for business leaders and executives worldwide. We pride ourselves in providing data driven management services that aim to transform organizations through better People, Performance & Profits.